You're probably wondering, why are they just giving away these awesome Travel Ideas?


To us, that is quite obvious. We simply love to travel, and wants everyone else to create their own beautiful holiday memories, just like we do! That's why we founded Travel Ideas. We want to give everyone an opportunity to find affordable, but yet astounding holiday destinations.

We are 3 guys who simply just love to travel, and think of holiday destinations on a daily basis. So we asked ourselves, why should we just trash these amazing offers and discounts, when others could use them?

That’s why we founded Travel Ideas. Now we can actually do some good, with all of the crazy holiday destination searching we do! On our website “www.yourtravelideas.com” we put up all our finds regarding discounts on rooms, travel information and travel tips.


Our newest addition to our site, is our “Personalised Travel Ideas” paid option. This option is made for the people, who would like us to find Travel Ideas in their dream destinations, including some ideas for flights, from their preferred airports as well.