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Update regarding COVID-19

Updated: Apr 10

Dear readers and fellow travellers,

Due to the ongoing restrictions, and the re-closing of many countries, we have decided to pause our free operations for now.

Due to the even more strict policies around Europe for now, we don't deem it responsible to send people on vacations, that might get cancelled next minute.

We will keep updating our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with travel inspiration in form of pictures, but won't be posting any Travel Ideas for now, until general travel is deemed more safe.

In this regards, we have decided to keep our paid service "Personalised Travel Ideas" open, if there's any die hard travellers who needs their fix.

We will keep working on our website, to ensure a nice and smooth experience. And hopefully add a few more features, before operations will begin again (soon hopefully).

Until then, we urge everyone to stay safe, follow your countries different health advice, and keep your chin up, better days will come.

Best regards,

The Yourtravelideas Team

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